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LoL Catalyst is designed to help players find the best builds as quickly as possible. Spend less time looking for builds and more time playing the game.

LoL Catalyst uses a broad range of sources for better build diversity and compatibility. Don't want to over think your build and just concentrate on playing the game? Not to worry, just follow the most popular build. Don't trust common builds? No problem, you can look at how the pros are playing the champion. Want ideas for your third or fourth items? That's easy, simply glance at the list of successful builds and guides and pick an item from there. LoL Catalyst eliminates the need to alt tab every few minutes to check what your next item should be and keeps you focused on your game.


  • Builds from a diverse range of sources
  • Common counters
  • Specific match up tips
  • Guide digests from sites such as Mobafire and Lolking
  • Game encyclopedia (look up items, summoners, runes, etc. right in the app!)
  • Summoner lookup
  • Esports information (schedule, results, standings and more)

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